George Everest trek is a very easy trek. It can be easily done by fit and healthy people. However, the last stretch of the trek is a little challenging, make sure you have well-prepared before the trek.

The trek contains of Flora and Fauna. The trail is filled with Rhododendrons trees on another side of Hathipaon chowk to George Everest’s house.

After completing the trek of George Everest when you come to the peak, it opens up to the views of the entire Doon valley which can blow your mind. From the top of the mountains, you can see the other snow-covered peaks of Srikant, Jaonli, Chaukhamba, etc.

Another main attraction point at George Everest is the Himalayan flags which enrich the beauty of the submit .it symbolize peace, strength, compassion and good fortune.

The George Everest trek is divided into 4 different sections.

Section I: Library Bus Stand to Hathipaon Chowk
Section II: Hathipaon Chowk to George Everest base
Section III: George Everest base to George Everest House
Section IV: George Everest House to George Everest Peak

Section I: FromLibraryBus Stand to Hathipaon Chowk

If you are travelling by public transport, then you can start your trek from Library Bus Stand. If you are going by your vehicle, you can drive to Hathipaon Chowk directly. The trek distance is about 4km hich will take about 45-60 mins

Section II: From Hathipaon Chowk to George Everest Base

Near Hathipaon Chowk, there are many breakfast/snack points. Bun omelette, parathas and Tea are readily available meals here in the morning. 

At Hathipaon Chowk, there is a signboard indicating the direction to George Everest Base. Start your trek on this trail. The trail descends to the George Everest Base. The entire trail is populated by Rhododendrons and Fir trees.

This trek is all about 1.5 km which will take 20-25 minutes approx.

Section III: From George Everest Base to George Everest House

This trek is about 1.1 km which will take 15-20 min to reach. From George Everest Base, the trail ascends gradually to George Everest House. The trail is well laid out. It has a forested valley on one side and an elevated forest section on the other side. It’s a proper trail made out of stones and is fenced on the valley side. 

Section IV: From George Everest House to George Everest Peak

Right next to George Everest’s house there is a huge open ground. Which is fenced on all the sides and is famous for sightseeing. There are a few small local shops where you can buy some basic food items or drinks.

After that the trek starts so always keep yourself hydrated. As you go up and up you will start seeing the , views of the surrounding mountains start unfolding in front of you.

This whole trek is all about 900 meters which a normal person can complete it in 30-45 mins.

NOTE: You’ll see a lot of litter, broken glass bottles and waste all around and have made the place a real pain in the heart of nature lovers. This is a sad sight to see.

Carry your tiffin box, a mug, and a water bottle, and avoid using disposables anywhere on the trek. This makes sure you’re not adding to the litter that already exists.

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